DJJ Equipment offers all range of excavators for sale in Australia. Our mini excavators includes 1ton, 1.2ton, 1.5ton, 1.7ton, 2ton, 2.8ton and up to 6ton. Besides the small and compact excavators, we also have larger ones up to 23ton. From digging trenches and breaking holes to lifting away waste and excavating mines .No matter what type of work you do, Excavators from DJJ equipment can deliver top performance, unmatched versatility, and excellent fuel efficiency.

Is An Excavator The Right Choice for Your Business?

Investing in the wrong equipment can be a costly mistake, especially when it involves a significant financial outlay. To avoid this, it’s essential to understand the tasks that the machinery will be used for and whether it is the most suitable option for your business.

If you are considering an excavator but are uncertain if it is the right choice for your needs, the following list outlines some of the tasks that these machines are commonly used for:

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  • Digging foundations, trenches, and holes for utilities, pipes, and other structures 
  • Grading land, removing debris, and clearing land 
  • Equipped with a variety of attachments, such as buckets, hammers, and grapples, to enable a wide range of tasks
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  • Digging trenches and holes for exploration
  • Removing overburden and ore, and loading materials onto trucks or conveyor belts


  • Digging irrigation ditches, removing tree stumps, and clearing land 
  • Grading land and preparing fields for planting
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  • Digging foundations for structures
  • Excavating land for planting
  • Grading land
  • Installing retaining walls
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Waste Management:

  • Sorting and separating materials
  • Loading and unloading waste, and moving large piles of debris and other materials

Choosing the Right Attachment for Your Job

When it comes to using an excavator the right attachment can make all the difference. To help you find the best attachment for your job, here’s a rundown of some of the most popular options:

Excavator Attachment 

GP Buckets:
This attachment is a general purpose bucket that can be used for a wide range of tasks, including digging, grading, and moving materials. It is a versatile attachment that is commonly used with excavators.

Excavator Attachment 

Mud Buckets:
This attachment is a general purpose bucket that can be used for a wide range of tasks, including digging, grading, and moving materials. It is a versatile attachment that is commonly used with excavators.

Excavator Attachment 

Trench Bucket:
This attachment is specifically designed for digging trenches, whether it be for utility work, foundations, or other purposes. It has a narrow profile and a sharp, pointed leading edge that allows it to easily cut through soil and other materials.

Excavator Attachment 

Rock Breaker:
This attachment consists of a hydraulic hammer mounted on the excavator, which can be used to break up and remove large rocks and other hard materials. It is often used in quarrying, mining, and other applications where hard materials need to be removed.

Excavator Attachment 

An auger is a drilling tool that is used to create holes in the ground. It is rotated by a motor and consists of a helical screw blade that digs into the ground as it turns. Augers are commonly used with excavators and other construction equipment to drill holes for foundations, utility lines, and other purposes.

Excavator Attachment 

This attachment consists of a single, long tooth mounted on a hydraulic arm, which can be used to break up and loosen hard, compacted materials, such as rock and concrete. It is often used in demolition and construction applications.

Don't Forget About Delivery Fees!

When it comes to purchasing heavy equipment, delivery fees can often be a significant cost.  As a dealer with Australia-wide delivery, we understand the importance of finding the most cost-effective and reliable delivery options for our customers. That’s why we have partnered with multiple transportation and delivery companies across the country. We are dedicated to finding the cheapest and most reliable delivery options for our customers, and we can often save them a significant amount of money on delivery fees.

Yes, we deliver Australia-wide.

Our delivery fees vary on a case-by-case basis due to various variables. However, we always strive to provide our customers with competitive delivery fees. If you have a cheaper delivery proposal, we are open to considering it.

If the item is in stock, it will typically arrive within 5-10 working days. If the item is not in stock, it may take 8-12 weeks from the time the deposit is received.

We will do our best to accommodate special delivery instructions and preferred delivery times. If you have specific needs, please don't hesitate to discuss them with us. We will do our best to meet them.

Parts, Service & Warranty

When it comes to customer service, we know that you don’t want to deal with automated phone prompts, long wait times, or being transferred multiple times. That’s why we’re committed to providing the best possible service to our customers. Here’s what you can expect when you purchase from us:
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All of our parts are stocked in Australia, so if you need to replace anything, you can get a new part within a few days.

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We offer maintenance and after-sale service to all of our customers. If you have any questions or need assistance, you can contact us through email, phone, Facebook, video, or other methods. We promise to respond within one hour. 

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We offer a one-year labor and parts warranty, as well as a two-year all-parts warranty.This means that in the first year after you purchase a loader from us, we will provide free parts and maintenance service if your machine has any defects. In the second year, we will provide free parts if your machine has any defects.

Finance: Pay Off Your Loader As You Use It

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Our in-house finance team provides professional service all across Australia, along with quick approvals, no/low doc finance options, and flexible leasing plans. We want to help you get your hands on a new loader as soon as possible and pay for it later. With monthly payments of only a few hundred dollars, you can own a brand new loader and get your job done!

Don’t let a lack of cash hold you back from getting the equipment you need. Contact us to learn more about our financing options.

Need Customized Machinery&Attachments?

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One of our greatest strengths is our ability to customize machinery and attachments to meet the specific needs of our clients. Whether you are in construction, agriculture, or any other industry, we can design and build equipment that is tailored to your unique requirements.

So if you are in need of customized machinery or attachments, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are confident that we can provide the solution you need to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

No Time for Inspection? No Problem!

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At our company, we understand the importance of thoroughly inspecting heavy machinery before making a purchase. However, we also recognize that it is not always possible for clients to inspect the machinery in person.

To assist clients in their purchasing process, we provide detailed videos, images, and brochures that showcase the features and capabilities of our machinery.

This allows clients to get a good understanding of the machinery and its capabilities, even if they are unable to inspect it in person.

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