LC35 – 3.5 Ton Forklift

LGMA LC35 | 4.5m Container Mast | 3.5 Ton Counterbalance Forklift for Sale

Rated Loading capacity: 3.5 Ton
Free Lifting Height: 160 mm
Power Type: LPG / Diesel

The brand new LGMA LC series 3.5T Counterbalanced Forklift for sale includes a variety of full-featured Forklift products.

  • Proven Diesel or Petrol/LPG  Dual Fuel Engine
  • Safer Cabin
  • Stable Hydraulic System
  • Easy Maintenance

Price (excl. GST) :

$22,900 exc. GST

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Description - LC35 | 3.5 Ton Forklift

The brand new LGMA LC35 series 3.5 Ton Counterbalanced Forklift for sale includes a variety of full-featured Forklift functions and attachements.

Tech Specs - LC35 | 3.5 Ton Forklift

Model LC35 – 3.5 Ton Forklift
Rated lifting load 3,500kg
Free lifting height 160mm
Forklift weight 4,500kg
Overall length (With fork/Without fork) 3,763 / 2,693mm
Width 1,225mm
Overhead guard height 2,090mm
Engine Diesel or Petrol/LPG  Dual Fuel
Fork size 1,070×125×45mm
Tire no. (front) 28×9-15-14PR
Tire no. (rear) 6.5-10-10PR

Attachments - LC35 | 3.5 Ton Forklift

LGMA provides customized fork service for LC35 series. We can customize different fork lengths for the 3.5 Ton Forklift according to your requirements to meet your lifting needs for different applications.

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