Experience Superior Handling with the EFL702 – 7 Ton Electric Power Forklift

EFL702 - 7 Ton Electric Power Forklift

In the fast-paced world of logistics and material handling, efficiency, durability, and performance are paramount. Our EFL702 – 7 Ton Electric Power Forklift represents a breakthrough in these critical aspects, ensuring maximum productivity with an emphasis on sustainability.

The EFL702 has a rated loading capacity of 7 tons, setting a high standard for lifting strength in the electric forklift market. Yet, this formidable power does not compromise maneuverability, as it offers a compact turning radius of just 3,480 mm. Such balance between strength and flexibility ensures effective operations even in tight spaces.

The heart of this robust machine is its lithium-ion battery, designed for high-demand environments. The electric drive system brings exceptional performance with the convenience of clean, eco-friendly power. Featuring a travel speed of 14 km/h when laden and 16 km/h when unladen, the EFL702 demonstrates impressive speed for a forklift of its size.

The hydraulic/mechanical service brake and mechanical parking brake ensure the safety of your operations, while the pneumatic tyres contribute to smooth, stable drives, even on uneven surfaces.

Moreover, the EFL702 comes with a generous lifting height of 3,000 mm and a free lifting height of 170 mm, making it versatile for various storage and stacking tasks.

In conclusion, the EFL702 – 7 Ton Electric Power Forklift sets a new benchmark in the realm of material handling, bringing together power, efficiency, and sustainability. It’s not just about lifting heavy loads; it’s about lifting your business’s productivity and environmental responsibility.

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