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In Australia, you’ll need to buy a wheel loader If you work in construction, roadwork, mining or a similar industry and have to move heavy materials around on a daily basis.

Wheel loaders combine the functionality of a bulldozer with the strength of a backhoe. They can lift and load large amounts of material; even materials too heavy for most other pieces of equipment.

Even though wheel loaders are fairly common in construction sites, it doesn’t mean that buying a wheel loader is easy. There are many different models from which to choose, with each having its own pros and cons. This article will help Australian understand what factors they should take into account when they buy the right wheel loader for your needs.  You want to know how to buy a wheel loader in Australia? Read this article!

Key Factors to Consider When You Buy A Wheel Loader

In Australia, there are several factors you should take into account when buying a wheel loader. These include bucket capacity, engine power, track and wheel size. Let’s look at each of these in more detail.

Wheel Loader’s Bucket Capacity

Why you need consider the bucket capacity? Because the bucket capacity decides a wheel loader’s efficiency. You must consider the maximum weight that you will be lifting with your wheel loader.  You will find that this is measured in cubic yards or cubic meter. The average front-end loader can handle around 12 cubic yards. You want to buy a wheel loader? Then you have to need consider these.

wheel loader for sale

Wheel Loader’s Engine Power

 You will discover that there are various types of engines used to power wheel loaders. The three most common types are diesel, natural gas or gasoline. You should consider the type of work you will be doing and the terrain you will be working on before choosing a particular engine type. You have to know these information, it really helps you to buy a wheel loader in Australia.

Wheel Loader’s Track and Wheel Size

The track type and wheel size will affect how your machine performs on different types of soil. For example, if you are working on soft soil, wide tracks will be more effective than track with a narrower profile. Similarly, smaller wheels will be better for softer surfaces than larger wheels. Always remember the size you need and it can give you useful tips when you decide to buy a whee loader.

Wheel Loader’s Size

When you want to buy a wheel loader, you need to consider the size. There are compact wheel loader, mid-sized wheel loader and large wheel loader. The operating weight of compact wheel loader is usually between 5 ton-8 ton. The operating weight of compact wheel loader is usually between 10 ton-19 ton. For large wheel loader, their operating weight  is usually between 25 ton-55 ton. If you know what size you really need, you can not make mistake when you buy a wheel loader.

Wheel Loader’s Brand

In Australia, if you want to buy a wheel loader, there are many popular brand you can choose. For example, there are many people choose CAT wheel loader. Volvo and JCB are also 2 popular brand people want to choose when buy wheel loaders. Besides, if you want to find some good quality wheel loaders with affordable price, LGMA will be your first choice. They have many compact wheel loader on sale right now. If you want to buy a good wheel loader, you need know these brands.


Buying a wheel loader can be really easy if you follow this article.  When buying a wheel loader, you should consider its bucket capacity, engine power and track and wheel size. Remember all these information, then you can buy a really good wheel loader in Australia.

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