Unleashing Power and Performance: Introducing the ZOOMLION ZS080V Skid Steer


Today, we are excited to present the ZOOMLION ZS080V | 2.85 Ton Skid Steer. This impressive skid steer is a game-changer in the construction industry, delivering outstanding performance and versatility.

Designed by ZOOMLION, a leading company in the field, the ZS080V is built to handle a wide range of construction tasks with ease. Whether you’re working on small-scale projects or large-scale operations, this skid steer is your ultimate companion.

Powerful Performance:

The ZOOMLION ZS080V is equipped with the reliable and efficient Kubota engine, delivering impressive power and performance. The Kubota engine is known for its focus on quality and durability, ensuring optimal functionality and longevity.

Additionally, the ZS080V features an internal hydraulic pipe system that not only reduces the risk of leaks but also protects the pipes from external damage. This system enhances the overall performance and provides smooth and responsive operation.

Operator Comfort and Safety:

The ZOOMLION ZS080V prioritizes operator comfort and safety, ensuring a productive and secure working environment. One notable feature is the pressurized and dustproof cab, which creates higher air pressure inside the cabin than outside. This effectively prevents dust from entering, providing a clean and comfortable workspace.

The reinforced enclosed cab offers several advantages, safeguarding operators from dust, wind, and other environmental hazards. It also contributes to a quieter working environment, reducing distractions and enhancing focus.

Furthermore, the ZS080V boasts a PCT-patented arm design that includes a downward-bending curved arm. This innovative design reduces the driver’s side blind spot by 1482 millimeters, significantly improving visibility by 53%. Operators can confidently maneuver the skid steer, knowing they have enhanced visibility and awareness of their surroundings.

Efficient Hydraulic System:

The ZOOMLION ZS080V features an efficient dual pump hydraulic system, comprising separate working and replenishment pumps. This advanced system enhances work efficiency by 19%, ensuring smooth and responsive operation. With the independent pumps, the skid steer can efficiently handle various tasks and maintain optimal performance.

Improved Fuel Efficiency:

With its dual throttle control, the ZS080V significantly improves fuel efficiency. By dynamically adjusting the engine RPM based on load changes, it reduces fuel consumption by 5% and enhances fuel efficiency by 35%. This intelligent throttle control system optimizes fuel usage, resulting in cost savings and extended working hours.

The skid steer is equipped with an LCD dashboard that displays essential information such as fuel levels, speed, engine RPM, and working hours. Additionally, it features an electronic fuel level display that monitors fuel levels for increased efficiency and productivity. Operators can easily monitor and manage fuel consumption, ensuring optimal usage and minimizing downtime.

Enhanced Work Capability:

The ZS080V boasts a vertical lift path design, which offers numerous advantages. It provides improved lift capacity and stability by keeping the load close to the machine, reducing the risk of tipping. This design enhances the skid steer’s load capacity by 12%, lift height by 4%, and work range by 35%. Operators can confidently handle heavy loads and efficiently maneuver in various working conditions.

Convenient Maintenance:

The ZOOMLION ZS080V is designed for easy maintenance, ensuring optimal machine performance and minimizing downtime. Its engine is designed with accessibility in mind, allowing operators to easily access all components for routine maintenance tasks. This simplified maintenance process saves time and effort, keeping the skid steer operating at its best.


In conclusion, the ZOOMLION ZS080V | 2.85 Ton Skid Steer is a powerful and versatile machine that excels in various applications. With the reliable and efficient Kubota engine, it delivers impressive power and performance. The advanced features such as the internal hydraulic pipe system, pressurized dustproof cab, and PCT patent arm design enhance the operator’s comfort, safety, and visibility. The dual pump hydraulic system and dual throttle control contribute to improved efficiency and fuel economy. Additionally, the vertical lift path and user-friendly maintenance design further enhance its work capability and ease of use.

Whether you’re working in construction, landscaping, agriculture, or any other industry that requires reliable and efficient equipment, the ZS080V is the ideal choice. For more information and to explore the full range of ZOOMLION products, we encourage you to contact DJJ Equipment. Our team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect solution for your specific needs.

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