Unveiling the Power and Precision of the CQD20L – 2 Ton Electric Power Reach Truck


In the world of material handling and logistics, efficiency, strength, and innovation are key drivers. Introducing the CQD20L – a groundbreaking 2 Ton Electric Power Reach Truck that redefines excellence in these aspects and more. Crafted to elevate productivity and sustainability, this cutting-edge machine is set to revolutionize your material handling operations.

Unmatched Performance and Versatility

At the heart of the CQD20L lies its remarkable capabilities. With a robust load capacity of 2,000 kg, this reach truck stands ready to take on a diverse range of lifting tasks. The precisely engineered load center distance of 600 mm ensures optimal stability and balance, guaranteeing secure lifting even in demanding situations.

Precision in Design and Dimensions

A perfect fusion of form and function, the CQD20L showcases meticulous design in every dimension. From the front Φ343×140 and rear Φ310×118 tire sizes to the compact 1,515 mm wheelbase, this reach truck maneuvers seamlessly through confined spaces while maintaining exceptional stability. Its streamlined structure is a result of careful planning, with a retracted mast height of 3,219 mm and an overhead guard height of 2,213 mm, ensuring efficient and secure operations.

Elevating Efficiency with Performance Data

Performance is where the CQD20L truly shines. Whether laden or unladen, it boasts impressive travel speeds of 10/11 km/h, coupled with lifting speeds of 0.38/0.55 m/s and lowering speeds of 0.41/0.38 m/s. The service brake and parking brake, both electromagnetic, ensure complete control and safety in various scenarios.

Empowered by Advanced Technology

The driving system of the CQD20L is a testament to cutting-edge innovation. Equipped with a 7 kW drive motor rating for sustained operations, and a 20 kW lift motor rating at S3 15% for heavy lifting, it brings together power and precision. The AC drive control and electronic steering design ensure smooth and efficient maneuvering, further enhancing the operator’s experience.

Customization for Your Unique Needs

At EP, we take pride in offering tailored solutions. For the CQD series, we offer customized fork services. With different fork lengths available, you can customize the Electric Power Forklift to match your specific requirements. This flexibility ensures that the reach truck aligns perfectly with your lifting needs, across a variety of applications.

In conclusion, the CQD20L – 2 Ton Electric Power Reach Truck is more than just a material handling machine; it’s a game-changer. From its remarkable lifting capacity to its advanced technology and customization options, it’s a testament to innovation meeting efficiency. With EP’s commitment to excellence, this reach truck is poised to elevate your operations, making every lift a seamless and productive experience.

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