ZE18GU – The 1.8 Ton Mini Excavator by Zoomlion: Power, Performance, and Efficiency All in One

ZE18GU 1.8 Ton Mini Excavator by Zoomlion

The Zoomlion ZE18GU – a 1.8-ton mini excavator is the perfect solution for your construction and excavation needs. Sporting a powerful Kubota engine, this machine provides unrivaled performance and efficiency, offering incredible value for money.

The ZE18GU is an exemplary model from the latest Zoomlion ZE series. This series showcases a range of full-featured excavator products with innovative design and excellent build quality. The 1.8T Mini Excavator, with its power-packed Kubota D902 engine, guarantees efficient performance and longevity. The engine is EU Stage V/Tier 4 compliant, adhering to the latest emission standards, which ensures lesser environmental impact.

The Kubota engine generates an impressive rated power of 11.8 kW at 2300 rpm and a displacement of 0.898 L. Coupled with a customized hydraulic system, the excavator can deliver high output with lesser fuel consumption, providing a balance of power and economy.

The ZE18GU also stands out with its tailless design and the standard TOPS/FOPS safety cab, ensuring operator safety and comfort without compromising on the machine’s performance. With an operating weight of 1800 kg, and dimensions measuring 3,545 mm in length, 990-1,240 mm in width, and 2,385 mm in height, this mini excavator offers ample versatility and mobility, making it perfect for construction sites of any size.

The excavator’s performance parameters include a slewing speed of 10 r/min, travelling speed of 3.8/2.2 km/h (high/low), digging force of bucket at 17 kN, and the stick at 10 kN. These figures showcase the machine’s operational capability in varying site conditions and digging needs.

The Zoomlion ZE18GU comes with an assortment of attachments, designed to boost your productivity and help you complete your work faster. These attachments not only increase the excavator’s flexibility and potential but also enhance its durability.

To ensure customer convenience, we also offer an innovative inspection-free ordering option. With this feature, customers can receive a detailed overview of the machinery through video and live streaming options, without leaving the comfort of their home or office. What you see online is exactly what you get – a commitment to transparency and trust. After a simple deposit, the machine will be yours.

So if you’re looking for a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective mini excavator, the Zoomlion ZE18GU is a solid choice. It delivers performance and power in a compact size, meeting and exceeding your construction and excavation needs. For more information, please contact us.

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