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ZE18GU For Hire


Operating Weight

1.8 Ton

Rated Power

11.8 kW

Bucket Capacity

0.04 m³

Daily Rate

$220 $154/Day

Weekly Rate

$1100 $770/Week


all attachment
all attachment


How is delivery charged?

  • For small machinery, we charge a delivery fee of $200+GST for round trips within the metro areas of major cities.
  • For large machinery, the delivery fee is based on the quote from the transport company.

How is the rental time calculated?

The minimum rental period is 1 day/24 hours. The rental period starts when the machine leaves our warehouse and ends when the machine returns to our warehouse.

Will there be extra charges for wear and tear on the machine?

Normal wear and tear from proper use is acceptable and will not incur extra charges. However, if the machine is involved in an accident or is damaged due to improper use by the customer, repair charges will apply.

What if I am not satisfied with the machine upon receipt?

If you are not satisfied with the machine upon delivery, you only need to pay for the round-trip delivery costs. Your deposit and other fees will be refunded.

What should I do if the machine suddenly breaks down?

Our machines undergo detailed inspections and testing before leaving the factory, so breakdowns are rare. However, if a breakdown occurs, we offer three alternatives to ensure your work continues smoothly.:

  1. remote telephone diagnostics
  2. on-site repair
  3. immediate replacement with a new machine


Do you provide training for the machines?

Yes, if customers are not familiar with the machine, we offer free on-site training.

ZE18GU Excavator: Detailed Specifications and Features

ze18ug excavator


Operating Weight

1800 kg

Standard bucket capacity

0.04 m³

Slewing Speed

10 r/min

Traveling Speed(high/low)

3.8/2.2 km/h

Digging Force of Bucket

17 KN

Digging Force of Stick

10 KN


Engine Manufacturer


Engine Model


Rated Power

11.8 kW / 2300 rpm


0.898 L

Emission Standard

EU Stage V / Tier 4



3545 mm


990-1240 mm


2385 mm

Tail Slewing Radius

620 mm

Track Gauge

760-1010 mm

Length of Track On Ground

1230 mm


Max. Digging Radius

3910 mm

Max. Digging Reach

3845 mm

Max. Digging Depth

2316 mm

Max. Digging Height

3542 mm

Max. Dumping Height

2429 mm

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