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5.2 Ton Wheel Loader For Sale


Operating Weight

5.2 Ton

Rated Power

102 HP

Rated Load

2.0 Ton

Included in Price:

  • Hydraulic Quick Hitch
  • GP Bucket
  • 4-in-1 Bucket
  • Pallet Fork
  • 24 Months / 2000 Hours Warranty
  • Australian-Backed Parts Support
  • Free Shipping
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LM938 Wheel Loader

lm940 wheel loader

The 5.2 Ton LM938 Wheel Loader is a versatile and robust machine, tailored for efficient and precise operation in diverse construction environments. It features a dynamic 4 & 4 speed transmission for optimal control in both high-speed and low-speed tasks. The upgraded NVH cabin ensures a comfortable, noise-reduced workspace, while the robust 4WD system delivers consistent performance on challenging terrains. Crafted for resilience and superior handling, the LM938 boasts the following key features:

  • Dynamic 4 & 4 Speed Transmission
  • Upgraded NVH Cabin Comfort
  • Robust 4WD System
  • Climate-Controlled A/C
  • High-Definition Rear Camera
  • Ergonomic Suspension Seat
  • Optimized High Departure Angles
  • Enhanced Triple Layers Articulating Hinge


LM938 Wheel Loader in Action

The Strength of the LM938 Wheel Loader

Dynamic 4 & 4 Speed Transmission

Engineered for versatility, our wheel loaders offer high-speed efficiency for brisk operation and low-speed precision for meticulous tasks, boosting overall control and productivity on the job site.

Upgraded NVH Cabin Comfort

Step into tranquility with our improved cabin design, significantly reducing noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH). It’s a serene, fatigue-minimizing space for operators to work more effectively.

Robust 4WD System

With enhanced traction and superior stability, the 4WD system is built to conquer challenging terrains and adverse weather, ensuring consistent performance and broadened operational capability.

Climate-Controlled A/C

Operator comfort is paramount in any climate, which is why our heat and cool air conditioning system maintains an ideal cabin temperature, promoting a focused and efficient work environment.

High-Definition Rear Camera

Maneuver with confidence using the HD Rear Camera, which provides expanded visibility, increases safety during reverse operations, and significantly lowers accident risks.

Ergonomic Suspension Seat

Designed to mitigate vibrations and soften impacts, the suspension seat offers unparalleled comfort, diminishing operator fatigue and elevating productivity through extended use.

Optimized High Departure Angles

Navigate complex terrains and tackle obstacles with ease. Our wheel loaders’ high departure angles minimize the likelihood of hang-ups, assuring smooth, uninterrupted operation.

Enhanced Triple Layers Articulating Hinge

Our wheel loaders are designed with a robust triple-layered articulating hinge, boosting stability and strength. This feature ensures effortless handling of heavy loads and adaptability to tough conditions, guaranteeing enduring reliability and peak performance.

LM938 Wheel Loader: Detailed Specifications and Features

lm930 wheel loader


Engine Power

76 kW / 102 HP

Operating Weight

5,200 kg

Bucket Capacity

1.0 - 2.2 m³

Rated Load

2,000 kg


Engine Model

Huafeng 4102 diesel turbo

Engine Pattern

In-line, 4 cylinder

Rated power / speed

76 kW / 2,400

Engine Weight

320 kg


Service brake

Air hydraulic disc brake

Parking brake

Hand brake


Operating voltage

24 V


Operating type


Lifting time

5 S

Falling time

4 S



Hydraulic torque converter



Gear shift

Double H / L


AWD, LG20 hub reduction



16 / 70-20


Overall dimension

6,250 x 2,020 x 2,950 mm

Wheel base

2,530 mm

Wheel track

1,570 mm

Bucket width

2,000 mm

Max. dumping height

3,500 mm

Max. dumping distance

700 mm

Turning radius

4,500 mm

Attachments for the LM938 Wheel Loader

Unlock your machinery’s full potential with DJJ Equipment’s diverse selection of attachments. Whether you need standard tools or custom solutions, we’re here to match your unique specifications. Enhance your project’s efficiency with precision-fit attachments. Ready to elevate your operation? Contact us today and find the perfect attachment for your needs.



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What is the range of your delivery service?

We deliver across all of Australia.

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No, all our machines are ready to use upon delivery and require no assembly.

What does your Standard Service package include?

Our DJJ Care Standard Service package includes Pre-Delivery Inspection, On-Site and On-Call Maintenance, Regular Maintenance checks, and ongoing Technical Support.

Do you provide training or manuals for operating the machinery?

Yes, we offer training either online or on-site as needed.

What is your warranty policy?

Normally, Our machinery comes with a 2-4 year warranty, varying by machine.

1. First-Year Warranty: Covers labor and parts. Free maintenance and repair for any defects.

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