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1.8 Ton Excavator For Sale

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Operating Weight

1.8 Ton

Rated Power

20 HP

Bucket Capacity

0.05 m³

Included in Price:

  • Half Hitch
  • Trench Bucket
  • GP Bucket
  • Mud Bucket
  • Rubber Track
  • 2 Years / 2000 Hours Warranty
  • Australian-Backed Parts Support
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Original price was: $31,000.00.Current price is: $27,900.00.

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U18 Excavator

u18 excavator

The 1.9 Ton U18 Excavator combines the precision of a Yanmar engine with state-of-the-art design, making it a perfect fit for both confined urban spaces and broad rural areas. Its telescopic chassis, swing boom, and zero tail swing provide unparalleled maneuverability in tight spaces. Designed with safety and efficiency in mind, the U18 is tailored to meet the demands of various construction environments, the U18 Excavator boasts several innovative features:

  • Yanmar Engine
  • Telescopic Chassis
  • Zero Tail Swing
  • Quick Hitch
  • ROPS & FOPS Certified
  • Dual Travel Speed
  • Pilot Control & Swing Boom
  • Neutral Engine Start System
  • Wide Opening Engine Hood
  • Tilt-up Operator Compartment


U18 Excavator in Action


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The Strength of the U18 Excavator

u18 excavator yanmar engine

Yanmar Engine

The Yanmar engine offers enhanced fuel efficiency, high power even at low speeds, increased durability, easier maintenance, and reduced emissions.

u18 excavator swing boom

Swing Boom

The swing boom has a maximum left deflection angle of 70° and a maximum right deflection angle of 60°. This increases the excavator’s bucket flexibility, reduces the need for workspace, and allows the bucket to rotate while the main body and boom stay stationary.

u18 excavator zero tail swing

Zero Tail Swing

Zero tail swing design provides superior maneuverability in confined spaces, minimizing the risk of accidental collisions and making it easier to operate in tight environments.

u18 excavator half hitch

Half Hitch

Streamlines the process of changing attachments, making operations more efficient and safer. Its design minimizes downtime and operational expenses, offering straightforward adaptability for various tasks.

u18 excavator rops & fops certified

ROPS & FOPS Certified

Ensuring operator safety by meeting strict standards for rollover and falling object protection, reducing the risk of accidents.

u18 excavator dual travel speed

Dual Travel Speed

Dual travel speed offers improved flexibility and efficiency when navigating various job sites.

u18 excavator pilot control

Pilot Control

Pilot control leads to comfortable driving experience and smooth action.

u18 excavator high strength cab

High Strength Cab

The cab’s structural beam is thickened and enlarged, significantly enhancing the cab’s strength. This design effectively protects against falling objects and tipping hazards, ensuring greater safety for the operator.

U18 Excavator: Detailed Specifications and Features

u18 excavator


Engine Power

14.5 kW / 20 HP

Operating Weight

1,880 kg


0.05 m³

Bucket Width

470 mm


Lubricate Swing Circle

500 hrs

Lubricate Work Equipment

500 hrs

Replace Engine Oil & Filter

500 hrs

Fuel Filter

500 hrs

Hydraulic Filter

1000 hrs







Vertical Cylinder

Piston Displacement

1.116 L

Engine Power

14.5 kW / 2400 rpm


Operating Voltage

12 V


Traveling Speed

4/2 km/h

Swing Speed

8.5-10.5 rpm

Max. Gradeability


Max. Digging Force of Arm

8.5 kN

Max. Digging Force of Bucket

15.5 kN


Operating Weight with Rubber Shoe

1,880 kg


Width * Height

1,080 to 1,400 * 145 mm


Drive Method


Type of Travel Brake

Hydraulic Lock

Type of Travel shoe



Fuel Tank

23 L

Hydraulic Tank

20 L


Overall Length

3,690 mm

Overall Width

1,080 mm

Overall Height

2,350 mm

Tail Swing Radius

700 mm

Length of Track

1,585 mm


Max. Digging Height

3,620 mm

Max. Digging Depth

2,295 mm

Max. Digging Radius

4,125 mm

Max. Digging Radius on Ground

4,060 mm

Max. Dumping Height

2,500 mm

Min. Slewing Radius

1,690 mm

Max. Vertical Digging Depth

1,900 mm

Attachments for the U18 Excavator

Unlock your machinery’s full potential with DJJ Equipment’s diverse selection of attachments. Whether you need standard tools or custom solutions, we’re here to match your unique specifications. Enhance your project’s efficiency with precision-fit attachments. Ready to elevate your operation? Contact us today and find the perfect attachment for your needs.



What's the process of buying machinery from DJJ Equipment?

1. Consult Sales: Talk to our sales team to pick your machine.

2. Test Drive or Video Viewing: Visit our site for a test drive or view detailed videos of our machinery.

3. Pay Deposit: Secure your choice with a deposit.

4. Schedule Delivery: We arrange pre-delivery and delivery based on your timing.

5. Final Payment: Make the final payment.

6. Receive Machine: Get the machine delivered to your address.

How long will it take for my machinery to be delivered?

1. In Stock: Delivered approximately one week after final payment is received.

2. Not In Stock: Takes around one month to arrive at our warehouse, plus around an additional week for delivery after final payment.

What is the range of your delivery service?

We deliver across all of Australia.

Is assembly required for any of your machines?

No, all our machines are ready to use upon delivery and require no assembly.

What does your Standard Service package include?

Our DJJ Care Standard Service package includes Pre-Delivery Inspection, On-Site and On-Call Maintenance, Regular Maintenance checks, and ongoing Technical Support.

Do you provide training or manuals for operating the machinery?

Yes, we offer training either online or on-site as needed.

What is your warranty policy?

Normally, Our machinery comes with a 2-4 year warranty, varying by machine.

1. First-Year Warranty: Covers labor and parts. Free maintenance and repair for any defects.

2. Second-Year Warranty: Covers parts only. Free replacement parts for any defects.

3. Exceptions: Some situations are not covered by our warranty. Please see our service page for details.

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