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1.8 Ton Forklift For Sale


Loading Capacity

1.8 Ton

Battery Type


Lift Height

4800 mm

Included in Price:

  • Triplex Container Mast
  • Side Shift
  • Fork Positioner
  • 4-Spool & Lever
  • Lithium Battery
  • Fast Charger
  • 5 year/5000 hour Battery Warranty
  • Australian-Backed Parts Support
in stock

Original price was: $28,900.00.Current price is: $22,900.00.

exc. GST

EFL181 Forklift

efl181 forklift

The 1.8 Ton EFL181 Li-ion Electric Forklift by EP Equipment is an innovative, entry-level solution designed to replace diesel forklifts. It features an integrated charger for easy power access, a maintenance-free Li-Ion battery, and large tires suitable for uneven terrains, making it ideal for occasional use in diverse settings.Efficient and practical, the EFL181 includes these key features:

  • Integrated Charger
  • Maintenance-Free Li-ion Battery
  • Big Tyres for Uneven Terrain
  • IPX4 Water-Protected Design
  • Enhanced Ergonomics
  • Opportunity Charging
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Compact Size


EFL181 Forklift in Action


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The Strength of the EFL181 Forklift

Big Tyres & High Ground Clearance

offer superior maneuverability and the ability to traverse various terrains, ensuring adaptability and productivity across different work environments.

IPX4 Rated Water-protected Design

Ensures the equipment’s resilience against water exposure, enhancing its durability and reliability in wet and challenging conditions, ultimately contributing to consistent performance.

Better Ergonomics

Create a more comfortable and efficient operator experience, reducing operator fatigue and improving productivity during long hours of operation.

Opportunity Charging & Flexibility

Allow for convenient recharging during short breaks, maximizing uptime and adaptability to various work schedules, ultimately boosting operational efficiency.


offers cost-efficiency, with reduced fuel and maintenance expenses, making it an economical choice for long-term operations.

Compact Size

provides exceptional maneuverability in confined spaces, enhancing versatility and efficiency in material handling tasks.

EFL181 Forklift: Detailed Specifications and Features

Attachments for the EFL181 Forklift

Unlock your machinery’s full potential with DJJ Equipment’s diverse selection of attachments. Whether you need standard tools or custom solutions, we’re here to match your unique specifications. Enhance your project’s efficiency with precision-fit attachments. Ready to elevate your operation? Contact us today and find the perfect attachment for your needs.



What's the process of buying machinery from DJJ Equipment?

1. Consult Sales: Talk to our sales team to pick your machine.

2. Test Drive or Video Viewing: Visit our site for a test drive or view detailed videos of our machinery.

3. Pay Deposit: Secure your choice with a deposit.

4. Schedule Delivery: We arrange pre-delivery and delivery based on your timing.

5. Final Payment: Make the final payment.

6. Receive Machine: Get the machine delivered to your address.

How long will it take for my machinery to be delivered?

1. In Stock: Delivered approximately one week after final payment is received.

2. Not In Stock: Takes around one month to arrive at our warehouse, plus around an additional week for delivery after final payment.

What is the range of your delivery service?

We deliver across all of Australia.

Is assembly required for any of your machines?

No, all our machines are ready to use upon delivery and require no assembly.

What does your Standard Service package include?

Our DJJ Care Standard Service package includes Pre-Delivery Inspection, On-Site and On-Call Maintenance, Regular Maintenance checks, and ongoing Technical Support.

Do you provide training or manuals for operating the machinery?

Yes, we offer training either online or on-site as needed.

What is your warranty policy?

Normally, Our machinery comes with a 2-4 year warranty, varying by machine.

1. First-Year Warranty: Covers labor and parts. Free maintenance and repair for any defects.

2. Second-Year Warranty: Covers parts only. Free replacement parts for any defects.

3. Exceptions: Some situations are not covered by our warranty. Please see our service page for details.

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