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How much does an excavator cost? The excavator prices in Australia can vary significantly depending on factors such as brands, weights, capacities, suppliers, dealers, locations, etc. This article will give you a price comparison of excavators in Australia 2024, depending on the price range.

Excavators’ price up to $100,000

For this price range, you can buy perfect mini excavators or mini diggers. With the mini excavator’s compact design, simple dual joystick control, and versatile operations, the mini excavator can be used for various tasks. The small mini excavators make them more popular on high-traffic construction sites. 

Currently, in the Australian market (according to Machines4u, one of the biggest construction sales platforms), for this price range, you can have multiple brand choices like Kubota, and Yanmar. They sell a wide range of excavators, including 1 ton excavators, 1.7 ton excavators, 2 ton excavators, 3 ton excavators, 3.5 ton excavators, 5 ton excavators, 8 ton excavators, etc. Besides, many excavator dealers sell mini excavators with many attachments.

In this price range, Brand is not important. You can choose many mini excavators with the Kubota engine or Yanmar engine.

If you want to find used excavators for sale, you may find some cheap used excavators for sale in this price range. We do not suggest you hire excavators cause even if you buy them in this range, they won’t cost you a lot.

Excavators price from $100,000 to $20,0000

For this price range, usually, you can buy mid-sized excavators. The most common size in this price range is 20 tons. If you want to find 20 ton excavators for sale, you have many options in this price range. These mid-sized excavators usually deliver impressive, reliable performance.

With their powerful engine and premium quality componentry throughout, they can deal with various worksites such as excavation, leveling, crushing, clamping, etc. 

In this price range, You have many options, such as the John Deer excavator, Komatsu excavator, and Cat excavator. These are excellent brands. You can consider these brands if you are looking for excavators for sale in Australia.

Excavators price from $200,000 to $30,0000

For this price range, you can choose excavators with bigger operating weights. The size of excavators in this price range is larger than small excavators. With a more powerful engine, these excavators are used widely in many construction sites. These excavators are suitable for rough terrain, soft ground, or mud. 

In this price range, You have many options, such as the John Deer excavator, Komatsu excavator, and Cat excavator. These are outstanding brands. The quality of excavators from these brands is quite good, and normally they have warranties with their excavators.

Excavators’ price above $300,000

For this price range, you can buy excavators that have massive net power. These large excavators are widely used in construction projects such as trenching, pits, and foundations, as well as material handling, excavation, demolition, and dredging. However, you may need finance services from excavator dealers because these excavators are expensive. Thankfully, many excavator dealers can provide many options for their clients when they need these excavators. 

In this price range, You have many options such as Bobcat excavator, JCB excavator, Volvo excavator, Kobelco excavator, and Doosan excavator. These are perfect brands. The quality of excavators from these brands is quite good, and they usually have warranties with their excavators.

Besides, If you want large excavators, you may have some excavator courses to accept excavator training because

these large excavators are more complex to operate.

Summary of Excavators price in Australia

This article has listed three different price ranges for excavators. Please make sure what kind of excavators you need and your budget. We only discussed new excavators in this article, and you can choose other finance options like excavator hire or excavator auction.

Besides, don’t forget the excavator parts and attachments, which are also necessary. I hope after reading this article, you can buy an ideal excavator for yourself without wasting money.

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